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Exploration pop from the undiscovered tundra of Stockholm archipelago.

HELLO: Välkommen

Holy horses! Our debut
album Geography A is out

"Here we stand with our maps and our numbers, but no logic applies here"


Yes, our debut album is out. And yes, it has something as pretentious as a theme, revolving around two kids stealing horses, leaving shore, discovering hidden continents. You know, the usual deal when kids arm themselves with a raft. Beneath the theme, Geography A is an indie album based on pure pop melodies, draped in string machines, eerie mellotron and shimmering guitars.

omslagstest marble raft.jpg

Our second single Guiding Stars is out on all shores. This is an utterly romantic piece about being tossed between dull resignation and hope verging on the euphoric. Our protagonists Elise and Elliot drift across icy waters, calling on an abundance of different gods to help them find direction and guide them to safety.

omslag Guiding Stars.jpg

Warm tones in chilly polar setting with Guiding Stars

Debut single Divided
Sea a burst of escapism

We've left shore! Divided Sea, our debut single, is released. May contain a cascade of shimmering sounds surrounding a core of pure melodic pop, as well as a whole bunch of escapism.


In this indie pop short story our two protagonists, Elise and Elliot, go ashore on an undiscovered island where everything is strange and breathtaking. We wanted to capture that sense of wonder you can feel when reaching a place you’ve never visited before. A sense of euphoria and curiosity, no matter if it is only a backstreet a few blocks away you somehow never walked before or an undiscovered island near the Strait of Magellan.

omslag Divided Sea.jpg
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